Grilled Cheese Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Don’t have a stove? Use a Clothes Iron!

Don’t worry, you won’t have to clean crusty cheese off it or stress about butter getting on your clothes. Just wrap your sandwich in tin foil and the heat stays packed in—along with the gooey cheese!

Flip your toaster

Just flip your toaster sideways and you have a makeshift oven at your fingertips (not literally- it’s hot!) This hack may seem great- until you have two slices of cheesy bread shoot out of the toaster when the time is up! So use at your own risk! If you’re feeling daring and have some baseball experience, catch it with a baseball mitt! Or, you know, put a plate in front of it.

Bye-Bye Butter- Hello Mayo!

Lots of people prefer using mayo over butter because it adds more flavor and has a higher melting point! So keep the butter in the fridge and pull out the mayo instead!

Tired of a using a pan? Use a Panini maker!

Panini makers and George Foreman Grills are easier to clean and grill both sides for you so you won’t have to flip it yourself! Laziness at its best- and tastiest!

Inside out Grilled Cheese

If you’re a cheese lover such as myself you know how it goes… the more the merrier! So if you’ve already reached your limit of cheese inside the sandwich, throw some on top! This will keep your taste buds happy and add a crispy layer to the outside!

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